Pool and snooker are two comparative signal games that regularly get mistaken for each other. To make matters much really confounding, these games are viewed as billiards sports, despite the fact that “billiards” is additionally its own game. These games are played likewise, yet they have a few key contrasts.

In this article, we will jump into the numerous likenesses and contrasts among pool and snooker.


Prior to examining the distinct contrast between billiards pool and snooker, it means quite a bit too initially address their similitudes:

Both are played on a pocket billiards table. Pool and snooker are both classified as “billiards sports” since they’re played on billiards tables — level rectangular tables canvassed in material and encompassed by elastic guards. In contrast to the real round of billiards, nonetheless, pool and snooker are played on tables with six pockets.

In any case, remember, as you’ll before long find out, these tables are not indistinguishable from one another.

Both include utilizing a sign to hit a prompt ball. Like all prompt games, pool and snooker include players utilizing a wooden signal stick to hit a white “signal ball”. The sign stick can contact the prompt ball, meaning the best way to score focuses is by thumping the prompt ball into different balls on the table.

Both use a “make it, take it” rule. In both pool and snooker, a player’s turn possibly closes when they can’t effectively “pot” (hit into a pocket) a ball or commit a foul. This implies a series of pool or snooker could end with one player not in any event, having an opportunity to play.

The two games end when the renounce is pruned. Pool and snooker matches end when one player stirs things up around town ball into a pocket when it is the final ball on the table.


It is critical to take note of that the round of pool has various variants and ways of playing. For straightforwardness, the round of eight-ball pool, which is the most well-known sporting variant of the game, will be the adaptation being contrasted with snooker.

Hardware: Playing Table: Snooker tables are consistently bigger than pool tables, albeit the specific sizes of these tables vary between nations (explicitly the US and UK). Snooker tables will generally associate with 10-12 feet in length, and pool tables will generally be 8 feet for sporting use and 9 feet for a competition table. Snooker tables likewise have more modest pockets and utilize a material surface that is fuzzier than pool tables.

Sign Stick: The two games use prompt sticks estimating 57-58 creeps long. Snooker prompt tips are a lot more modest (9.5 mm) than pool signal tips (13 mm).

Balls: Pool utilizes 16 balls, while snooker utilizes 22. Pool utilizes one white signal ball and 15 numbered balls (1-7 are striped, 8 is strong dark, and 9-15 are strong tones). Snooker utilizes one white signal ball, fifteen red balls, and six hued balls (one blue, brown, green, yellow, dark, and pink).

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