Overview of the Rift Slot Machine

This game’s inspiration may be evident, but Thunderkick gives careful attention to every detail to ensure that the theme shines through. According to the builder, a chasm has opened up in a seedy part of town and is consuming all the magical artifacts in existence. You must rescue them all from the abyss before it swallows them whole. Can you finish in time? It’s the only question that remains. The crack in question, from which a luminous purple mist emanates, is immediately visible upon starting the game. Another thing you’ll notice is a wall in the backdrop that’s been marked with a magical symbol; this will play a role later on. In addition, a mystery score has been integrated to provide the most immersive gameplay experience possible.

Close That Space!

There are five reels and three rows in this game, so you’ll be playing on a genuine and typical interface. There are a total of seventeen fixed pay lines that Thunderkick has added. The many icons contained within can be located on this layout. A copper coin, a bronze coin, a silver coin, and a gold coin serve as the foundation for these. The green bottle of perfume and the purple octopus relic are just two of the four new basic icons in the game. A classic-looking pocket watch and a shiny book are also on the verge of being sucked into the chasm unless you intervene.

In spite of the fact that you can’t alter the number of lines, you can adjust your bet amount before each spin. To do so, simply click the casino chip-shaped icon, which will then reveal a sliding scale of denominations, from the minimum of £0.10 to the maximum of £100. This is how much money can be wagered on the game as a whole. In addition, you can spin up to 5,000 consecutive rounds at the same bet level by clicking the ‘Auto Play’ button next to the chip.

Took the Artifacts!

Players in this game are given access to some incredible abilities thanks to Thunderkick, which is necessary when engaging a magical monster. The first of these is a wild symbol that can be used in place of any other symbol on the reels other than the bonus symbol. In addition, it serves as a sticky wild that stays on the reels throughout the Rift Feature.

When two or more bonus symbols appear on the reels, regardless of where they land, the Rift Feature is activated. The Rift Spin extra round is activated by the game’s logo, and every wild that does not contribute to a win during that round becomes a sticky wild. In addition, anywhere from one to three additional sticky wilds will be added to the reels at random.

The free spins bonus round is activated when three or more bonus symbols appear on the reels in any position. If you get three bonus symbols, you’ll receive 10 free spins; four bonus symbols will award 15 free spins; and five bonus symbols will award 20 free spins. If any of these symbols appear during the bonus round, you’ll get five extra spins. Each time a bonus symbol appears on the reels, a corresponding step is activated on the Rift seal (the mystical symbol displayed on the wall in the background). Additional free spins and sticky wilds are added to the bonus game at the rate of one for every three levels.

Just try it out on us!

Closing Statement

The Rift is a fantastic product, and we highly recommend it. It’s built on top of a fantastic concept and has some of the most exciting extras we’ve seen in any slot machine game. All who choose to play will also have a good time thanks to the game’s soundtrack, location, and general fun element.

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